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Using dental crowns to restore and repair natural teeth

Dr. Bryce Eager and his team at Gateway Oral Health Center in St. George, Utah, is a restorative dentist who provides ways for patients to repair their smiles. When imperfections, damage, or other concerns arise, it is best that patients work with an experienced provider to choose restorations that suit their unique and individual needs. One restoration commonly used in dentistry is the dental crown, a customized restoration that is an affordable way to protect and restore a tooth.

Understanding dental crowns

Dental crowns are unique tooth caps that are custom-made for patients. These dental restorations provide complete coverage of a natural tooth, protect it from damage, cover imperfections, or replace a single tooth. This versatility makes them a popular option for many patients in our community.

How are dental crowns, or “tooth caps,” used?

Patients who are told they can benefit from a dental crown may be experiencing a variety of situations that may warrant the placement of one. Below are a few of the more common situations in which a patient might be advised to consider dental crowns:

  • After root canal therapy. Root canal therapy also referred to as endodontic treatment, is a treatment that removes the inner portion of the tooth to deaden it. The tooth can become weak and brittle, so placing a dental crown over the tooth structure will save it from extraction or further damage.
  • To replace a single tooth. Dental crowns may be placed over the abutment of a dental implant or fused to false teeth to create a dental bridge. These are considered by patients who are faced with tooth loss.
  • To cover a damaged tooth. A tooth with a large cavity or significant damage or trauma may benefit from a dental crown or white tooth cap, which can add an extra layer of coverage and protection.

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